What is Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the largest organized herbal system in the world. In China, it is considered to be a very powerful form of therapy that is used to treat most conditions. Due to its long history, the workings of the classical herbal formulas are extremely well understood.

Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the treatment of illness and disease has been gaining traction as many people have started to embrace it as an effective method of treatment. Some of benefits include:

Treatment of root causes of an illness
Chinese Herbal Medicine takes a holistic approach of diagnosis and treatment of illness. It seeks to narrow in on the root cause of a specific illness in order to resolve the condition. This is a different approach compared to the Western Medicine which mainly focuses on treating the symptoms.

Thousands of years of Practice
Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient system of healthcare which dates back to more than two thousand years since its introduction. More people have been treated using the Chinese Herbal Medicine than any other system of medical therapy.

It encourages the body to heal itself naturally
The Chinese medicine system encourages natural self-treatment of a body against diseases. Chinese herbs help the body to treat disease but also nourish the body and improve balance in different body systems; establishing better functioning of the organs and overall health.

It has been accepted and incorporated as an effective treatment method
Western Medicine has accepted and is incorporating more and more components of the Chinese Medicine. Many herbs are now being studied for their therapeutic properties, and being increasingly used as treatment. A great example of this is the herb corydalis and its ability to effectively and safely treat chronic pain without the side effects or addictive properties of opiates.

Prevention of illness and future disease
Chinese Medicine treats the root cause of the disease and improves overall health of a person. This prevents cases whereby an illness may recur or worsen in the future as it had not been treated effectively. Western Medicine treats the symptoms of a disease but no necessary measures are taken to prevent a future re-occurrence. A good example is the use of antibiotics which kill bacteria but will not do anything to prevent future re-infection.

Fewer side effects
Chinese herbal treatments have little or no side effects and it is a gentle and natural treatment for patients. However, it is important to visit a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner or a licensed acupuncturist for appropriate diagnosis of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Incorrect use of the medicine or an overdose has negative effects to the body. Each patient’s treatment is individualized according to his individual pattern, and without knowledge of how to assess the pattern and prescribe the appropriate herbs, the wrong herbs can be taken for a condition, which may cause several unwanted side effects.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is affordable compared to prescription drugs and can be used to treat a myriad of health problems.

The herbal medicine is effective in aiding the body’s natural detoxification process by restoring balance in the digestive organs, this helps to improve digestion and prevent digestion disorders such as constipation.

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